Seamless Customer Engagement with WhatsApp as a Channel

Why WhatsApp as a channel

WhatsApp as a channel provides billions of active users globally, an opportunity to get immediate customer support with  24/7 availability.

High Engagement

WhatsApp as a channel delivers superior response rates compared to traditional communication channels like email or SMS.

Rich Media Content

Share text, images & GIFs to enhance the customer experience within the chat conversation in highly secured end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp as a channel

Real time support for WhatsApp as a channel

Engage with your customers in real time, fostering meaningful conversations that lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced experience

With access to WhatsApp requests in the agent dashboard, you can respond to incoming messages along with other channels.

Improved customer satisfaction

Operate 24/7, improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with immediate chat response.

WhatsApp as a channel - Agent dashboard

Power of No-code platform

Our user-friendly chatbot builder allows you to create intelligent chatbots with WhatsApp business API without any coding required.

Drag and Drop builder

Build sophisticated chat conversation flows with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, no technical expertise is needed.

Omni-channel Management

Seamlessly manage WhatsApp with other channels in a single unified agent interface.

WhatsApp as a channel on platform

Blend AI chatbot with Human connections

No-code Chat Builder

Craft personalized and visually appealing chat interfaces without any coding skills.

Instant Human interaction

Engage with customers in real-time over live chat and video chat.

ChatGTP Integration

Train AI from multiple sources and give customers power to get answers at fingertips

Key Platform Features

Rich text editor

Multilingual support

Drag & Drop Builder

Knowledge Base

ChatGPT AI integration

Live Chat & Video Chat

Human Takeover

Proactive Video

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What is WhatsApp Business Integration

WhatsApp Business API allows you to give WhatsApp as an additional channel to your Chatbot users for interaction. Users can trigger a WhatsApp chat from the chat interface. An agent receives the incoming WhatsApp request and responds to the WhatsApp message 24x7.

How to enable WhatsApp business API

You can buy an add-on from us to use WhatsApp as a channel in your current subscription.
After login to your account, go to your account - subscription - Buy Add-ons here.
Direct Link:

Can I get free trial of WhatsApp business API

WhatsApp service is provided by Meta and we have partnered with 3rd party API integrator to deliver this service. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a free trial. We are soon launching the Sandbox to try and test the WhatsApp API.
For more details reach us on:

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