Elevate Your Customer Engagement with a Omnichannel Agent Dashboard.

Customer Engagement platform


All-in-one solution for managing live chat, video chat, offline messages, and WhatsApp interactions seamlessly.

Omni-channel interface

Use our user friendly agent dashboard. This is a centralised place to accept all incoming requests for live chat, video call or WhatsApp message.

Dedicated Mobile app for Android and iOS

Supports Human Takeover

Supports parallel chats


Live chat

Interact with your visitors seamlessly with multi-media chat support. Get basic system  information of visitor in advance to know visitors profile and demography better. 

Mark chat as a lead

Supports canned messages

Invite for Video call during chats

Video call

Accept incoming video call and give real time human experience to your visitor. Delivering instant information is so easy with this instant video calls. 

Rich video interface with chat support

Native video calling

Screen-sharing support


Offline messages

It’s possible that agents are busy or on break or not available. Offline message helps by informing users that agents are away and they can share a message to be checked later by agents.

Supports email like thread for responses

Customised offline form UI

Supports email notification for new offline message


key features

Dashboard overview

Live Chat

Video Chat

WhatsApp integrtion

Offline Messages

Qualify contacts

Instant notifications

Add notes in live chat

Update contact info

Desktop App

Android App

iOS App

How it helps

  • Centralized Hub

    Access all incoming messages and chat requests from live chat, video chat, offline messages, and WhatsApp in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Effortless Navigation

    Streamline your workflow with intuitive navigation. Easily switch between different channels, view customer history, and respond with efficiency.

  • Real-time Alerts

    Receive real-time notifications for incoming messages, ensuring that your team stays on top of customer interactions and provides timely responses.

  • Collaborative Tools

    Enhance team collaboration with features like internal notes, file sharing, and Qualify leads directly within the dashboard.

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