Unlock Insights & Optimize performance with advanced Conversational Analytics.

Go beyond chatbot creation, allowing you to delve into performance metrics and make data-driven decisions.

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Blend AI Chatbots with Human Connection

Conversational metrics

Gain a deep understanding of how users engage with your chat interfaces.

Key performance indicators for chat

CSAT score

Comparative visualizations

chat indicator

Conversation history

Keep track of every conversation and contact captured through your chat interactions.

Detailed chat logs with visitor info

Filter chat with date and text search

Download data in CSV

conversation analytics

Conversation insights

Uncover valuable insights into user preferences and behavior. Analyze the effectiveness of various options presented to users.

Option analysis with donut visualization

Analyse individual question with responses

Conversion ratios



Visualize and optimize user journeys with our funnel analysis. Identify drop-off points, understand user paths, and refine your chatbot’s flow to ensure a seamless and effective conversation funnel.

Funnel visualization

Success and failure indicator with percentage

Configurable funnel


Agent Performance

If your chatbot is working in tandem with human agents, assess the agent performance metrics.

User friendly visualizations

Conversion ratios

Agent filter

agent performance

key features

Multiple metrics

Conversation insights

CSAT score

Average daily metrics

Clicks engagement

Chat history

Option analysis

Chat funnel

Qualified contacts list

Agent performance

Date selector

Bot selector

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