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Rich text editor

Multilingual search

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Highlight articles

Dedicated CTA on widget

Instant text search

Intuitive UI

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Customer Engagement platform


Empower your customers with instant access to information through tailor made knowledge articles.

  • Intuitive Knowledge Builder

    Easily build a comprehensive knowledge base by creating and managing articles. Share valuable information, FAQs, and resources to address customer queries proactively. Enrich articles with multimedia content with rich text editor. Embed images and videos to create engaging and informative resources for users.

  • Chat Widget Integration

    Seamlessly integrate Knowledge Base with our chatbot widget, allowing users to access relevant articles directly within the chat interface. Customise the articles visibility with option to show by category or list view all articles.

  • Instant Search

    Enable users to find answers quickly with our instant search functionality. The Knowledge Base is equipped with a powerful search engine that delivers accurate and relevant results in real-time. Search also supports the multiple languages.

  • Multilingual Support

    Cater to a global audience by providing content in multiple languages. Our Knowledge Base supports multilingual features, ensuring that users can access information in their preferred language.

How it works

  • Create Category

    Category also known as knowledge base or knowledge bank. This consist of articles related to similar topic. Create suitable category for your audience

  • Create Article

    Create articles with our rich text editor. You can also fetch the data from external webpage. Assign appropriate tags to each article to improve the search results. Edit & publish articles when you are ready.

  • Activate Knowledge Base

    Use knowledge base as a source for multiple chat interfaces. Just enable the visibility of specific categories and articles with flexibility.


  • Enhanced Customer Self-Service: Empower users to find answers independently, reducing the need for repetitive inquiries and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

  • Time and Resource Efficiency: Streamline support processes by providing instant access to information. Reduce the workload on your support team and improve efficiency.

  • Global Reach: Serve a diverse audience with multilingual support, breaking language barriers and ensuring a personalized experience for users around the world.

  • Engaging Content: Capture and maintain user attention with rich multimedia content. Create visually appealing and informative articles to keep users engaged.

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