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Mailchimp Integration

Connect with Mailchimp

  1. Go to your dashboard and select your chat interface. Then click on the builder, and go to Settings->Integrations.
  2. Click on Connect button and login using your mailchimp credentials.
  3. Click on Allow button. Now you will be redirected to Audience page.
  4. Select the Audience and click Update button. Now you will redirected to Dashboard page and your chat interface is successfully integrated with Mailchimp.

Test the Integration

  1. Go to Conversation of the selected chat interface
  2.  Start adding contact related components. Email component is mandatory for Mailchimp.
  3.  These are the tag names for contact related components you should add: FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, PHONE, GENDER, AGE,  COMPANY, WEBSITE, ADDRESS, CITY, COUNTRY, PINCODE, DATE.
  4. Now have a complete interaction with your chat interface.
  5. Check the Contacts in your selected audience. You can see the data now.

Disconnect the Integration

  1. Just click on the Disconnect button and your integration will get disconnected.

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