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Freshsales Integration

Freshsales is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses across different industry verticals to manage their interactions with existing and potential customers.

Connect WeConnect.Chat with Freshsales CRM

  1. Go to your WeConnect.Chat dashboard and select your bot. Then click on builder, go to Settings->Integrations.
  2. Click on Connect button.
  3. Enter Odoo credentials. There is a link (How to find this information) that explains everything and then Click connect button.
  4. Click Configure button
  5. Enable the Push Created Lead to CRM toggle and click on Configure button.
  6. To configure Field mapping, click on gear
  7. Email field will there by default, you can Add Field like firstName, lastName etc. After adding fields click on Back to flow link on top left corner. Field mapping will get saved automatically.
  8. To configure data source, click on gear

  9. Select the source whichever you want.

  10. Keep the lookup as it is.

Test the Integration

  1. Go to Conversation of the selected chat interface
  2. Start lead-related components like Email, Number, Open Question, etc. And make sure you have enabled the Contacts checkbox and the tag is selected and click the Save button.
  3. Have a complete interaction with your chat interface.
  4. Check your fresh sales Contacts->People section. You should see that the data has been saved.

Disconnect the Integration

  1. Just click on the Disconnect button and your integration will get disconnected.

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