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Test your chat interface

It looks like you’ve built your chat interface. Great! Let’s look at it in action. WeConnect’s interactive Builder enables you to test your chat flow within the application. You can Validate your chat script much faster and correct the flow before you implement. 

While Building the chat conversation we always provide you with instant preview on right side of builder so you barely make any mistakes. 

Also you will have the option to see the flow in new window using button on header “Preview chat”, this will open a dedicated landing page and runs the flow.

It is also possible to see the preview while you customising the chat interface in design step.

test your chat interface

Test chat Widget

  1. You can test your widget anytime while building the flow
  2. To test it on your own website, first you need to copy the widget script javascript code
  3. Go to 4th step in Builder “Share”
  4. Go to “Install Widget” and copy the code available it generally will start with <script>
  5. Visit your website in new tab on browser
  6. Right click anywhere on page and select “Inspect”. Or press F12 on your keyboard.
  7. Go to Console in inspect window
  8. Paste the widget javascript code copied earlier
  9. Remove the <script> tag from start and end of the code
  10. Your code will start with “!function”
  11. Press enter, and you can see the chat widget is now visible on your website

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