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Using chatGPT for AI conversations

This component brings the AI capability to chat conversations. 

Note: This component is under public beta release and therefore some stability issues you may face.

NOTE: This component is currently in beta release and we are constatnly improving it to deliver the best experience. Reach out to our support at “” for any queries.

Configuration steps:

  1. Chat message:
  2. You need to be inside Builder –> Conversation
  3. Click on “Add new component” –> Select “chatGPT (Beta)”
  4. This will show the component configurations to be setup

Step 1: Setup initial chat message and actions

  1. Chat message: This serves as your first point of contact for your chat interface. This informs users that they can ask any open question to get the response from AI. Customise this message as per your need and application.
  2. Button: Use these buttons to show users option to go back to previous component or skip the component all-together and jump to next. This is optional field
  3. Confirmation message with action buttons: This is the confirmation message shown every-time when user gets the response from AI. Customise it as per your need. This message is always followed by 3 action buttons which you can customise the label.
  4. Visitor Action Buttons: This buttons are specially given by to guide user with correct navigation after each response from AI. The labels can be changed as per need.
    1. Yes, that helped: This confirms that user is happy with AI response and can continue the chat conversation by jumping to next component (non-AI)
    2. chat with a human: This gives user an option to request a live chat with human. By default a Live chat component is added to your conversational flow and current user is assigned as an agent to the chat interface. You can always change the settings or assign more agents by editing live chat component later.
    3. Ask another question: This allows user to ask follow-up question to AI again and get the required response. 

Note: If AI is unable to answer the question from user  then it will show default message. 

Step 2: Setup OpenAI Integration

Use this step by step wizard to setup integration with OpenAI

How does this component work?

  • Once the component is set up as per the above steps, the chatGPT will start working for your chat interface.
  • The users can ask any question to get the required answer
  • If chatGPT is not able to give the answer from trained model then it will inform the user gracefully about that.


Is chatGPT available to use?

Yes, we have launched the chatGPT integration.

This is a public beta release and it could have some inconsistency issues. 

Please share your feedback / query to us at

What data sources are ready to use?

At WeConnect we want to deliver more flexibility with data sources.

Data source status:

  • Web - Ready to use
  • Files - Upcoming
  • Text - Upcoming


What is "message credit"?

For gpt-3.5-turbo model, a single chatbot response requires 1 message credit.

What is character limit for a chatbot?

Each plan has different character limit, character limit is the maximum number of characters from all the data sources used to train the AI model for a particular chat interface.

What happens if my limits for message credits / characters are over?

When your limits are getting exceeded, you will get an alert popup to buy extra add-ons. 

You can visit your profile -> Subscriptions to buy extra add-ons. 

Reach us at for any queries.

When are my message credits renewed?

Your message credits are renewed at the start of every calendar month regardless of when you subscribed.

How do I know how many characters are in my data source?

Once you crawl your website you will see the character count of all the crawled links along with character count. 

And when you select specific URL's you can also see character count of selected URL's.

How much data can I use to train one chat interface?

Character limits are applicable per chat interface.

Please check our pricing page for updated information.

Reach to for more details.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, by signing up with us you get a 14 days trial with limited access to chatGPT. 

Please reach us at for more information.

What's the average time required for Crawling, Scraping and deploying the AI model?

There is no straight answer, the total time required to crawl, scrape and deploy the AI model depends on total content available on the website.


A website with 200 links and 100K characters gets ready within 15 minutes.

What is average lead time for weconnect support?

We generally responds within 48 hrs on working days (Mon-Fri). 

You can reach us at

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