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Meeting & Appointments

This component is used to schedule a meeting or book an appointment with your customers. 

Each appointment booked will have below information;

  • Date
  • Time
  • Name 
  • Email
  • Phone (optional)
  • Company Name (optional)

Configuration steps:

  1. Lets start with adding the component to conversation flow
  2. You need to be inside Builder –> Conversation
  3. Click on “Add new component” –> Select “Schedule Meeting”
  4. This will show the component configurations to be setup

Chat Message 

  1. Write your own message to show to the visitor
  2. Additionally you can show buttons ‘Skip, and ‘back’
  3. Select “Days” for which you would like to accept the appointments
  4. Select Time slot to only book appointments in allowed time range, like if your provide From 9 AM to 5 PM, then customer can only be able to book appointments in this time range
  5. You can configure to accept certain number of appointments per “15 / 30 / 60” minutes. Example; if you set Accept “2” appointment per “30” minute then, only 2 appointments are accepted in each 30 minute window. 
  6. Once Limit for one time slot is reached, customers will not be able to see that window while booking the appointments
  7. Finally, save the component settings by pressing ‘Save’ button


Fig: Select appointment date and time


Fig: Submit appointment details


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