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Date Input

This component is very useful when you would like to get the calendar value as an input from the customer. 


Date of birth, date of joining, date  of graduation etc.

Configuration steps:

  1. Lets start with adding the component to conversation flow
  2. You need to be inside Builder –> Conversation
  3. Click on “Add new component” –> Select “Calendar date”
  4. This will show the component configurations to be setup

Chat Message 

  1. Write your own message to show to the visitor
  2. Additionally you can show buttons ‘Skip, and ‘back’
  3. Use the “tags” dropdown to select required contact tag to qualify – This is optional so if you don’t check contacts checkbox then answer will not be shown in Contacts list but still be available in Conversations list
  4. You can choose to “show or hide the past and future  dates”
  5. Finally, save the component settings by pressing ‘Save’ button


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