The Founding Team

This is our opportunity to help you understand the people behind the business.

Dillon Richardson

Dillon Richardson

Business and Marketing

Dillon Richardson

Business and Marketing


Product & Recruitment


Product & Recruitment

Meet Dillon 

Hello, my name is Dillon Richardson and I’m a guy in his early thirties that loves Growth. Both personal an business related. I have a duo nationality (both Dutch & American) and have lived in different countries like Japan, United States, Sri Lanka, Indonesia. Currently I’m living in the in Netherlands (near Amsterdam). My Passions lie within Marketing, Technology and Health (body & mind). Over the last 10 years I’ve gained a lot of experience in the online marketing space. For more than 3 years I’ve been the Managing Director (Benelux region) of a former tech unicorn, have run two (both failed, but learned a lot) startups and in the last few years have worked as a independent digital marketing consultant ( also while traveling as a digital nomad). When I’m not working on my businesses I’m reading, working out, meditating or having dinner with my girlfriend and my two rabbits. I occassionally write articles on my personal blog.

Meet Yogesh

Hi Yogesh here, I love making great products and remain optimistic personally and professionally. I am from small town in India, I like traveling and travelled several countries globally. I am passionate about going Digital and making the work and life easy. Over past 8 years I did my MBA in Industrial Engineering from NITIE Mumbai, co-founded my e-commerce startup (failed but learned a lot) and worked with enterprises as well as startups in multiple roles. Most of my work revolves around digital strategy, product management, consulting and business transformation. In spare time I love to read, check my twitter feed, meditate, workout and spend time with family and close friends. For holidays I like mountains and road trips. I often support my brother in pursuing his passion for making films and content.

Why we started WeConnect.Chat?

We believe that:

Real-time conversations build great relationships. Great Relationships build great companies.
Great companies build great stories.

I have been working in online marketing for more than 10 years. A majority of my work has been in the paid advertising (programmatic and social advertising) space.

After spending millions of dollars in adspend I soon realized that there was a krux in the funnel.

The problem I faced was that many of the landing pages my clients were using were long static lead forms. My hypothesis was that these lead forms were causing the quality traffic I was bringing to these sites to bounce.

So I tested what would happen if I used a conversational landingpage … suprisingly the conversion rate grew 4x. I tested the landingpage on more sites and saw similar results across the board. 

My earlier feeling about chatbots was very negative and skeptic. I thought those were expensive and not effective. And to be fare, many conversational interfaces are not a great experience in terms of UX, UI and Logic. However people love digital communications (we use whatsapp and messenger as our most favorite communication tools daily).

So I thought I had a sweetspot if we would build a platform that serves companies in building real-time conversations at scale. However also serves the end consumer: great UI, UX and communication logic.

This was the starting poing of Our first product would be Kaiwa (means conversation in Japanese). A conversational bot building platform. 


BHAG Company goal

How we started?

In March of 2019 I with Yogesh at a Vipassana meditation retreat in Mumbai (India). I just arrived from Sri Lanka (where I had spent about 3 month living the good life (surfing, working, eating, repeating) as a digital nomad. After the 10 day meditation retreat I headed back to Amsterdam. So right before the retreat started I met Yogesh. He was standing behind me in the queue (to register for the retreat) and we introduced each other and instantly had a good connection. Coincidently Yogesh mentioned that he was moving to Amsterdam for a IT project he was working on. The retreat was a 10-day total silence. So for 10 days we hadn’t spoken a word to each other. After the retreat we shared some information and contact details and I made my way back to Amsterdam the next day and Yogesh went back to his home town.

Fast forward … 1.5 month later we are celebrating Kings Day in Amsterdam (April 26, 2019). This was Yogesh first experience to the crazy Dutch national party where people wear orange clothing and drink one to many beers. During Kingsday I told Yogesh about the business idea and he was very enthuastic. Being a startup founder himself he had some great advice and soon said he knew some good developers from India. We talked more and more and soon realized that Yogesh would be the perfect Co-Founder. Having a background in IT and an MBA he would be a great asset for the product / tech. In the mean time I already found a freelance UX designer who created the designs for the MVP (minimum vible product). We soon after had a small development team who started working on the product (name Kaiwa). 

Fast forward 6 months – the mvp KAIWA is ready to launch and we are looking for a group of beta users to test our product. 

Our core values


We Value the Growth Mindset
To build the best products and offer the best service it’s crucial to our success to have a growth mindset. By cultivating a growth mindset we believe that anything can be developed through dedication and hard work. At WeConnect.Chat we love learning and are resilient – important ingredients that are essential for great accomplishments.

We value Authenticity
When you would meet me or Yogesh in person you’ll soon notice that what you see is what you get. We want everyone in our team to be the person they are.

We Value Proactivity
This not only means we are proactive with our customers – it also means we only focus on things we can control and do not dwell on circumstances that we can’t.

We Value Synergy
We live by the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Although we believe in individual expertise, together we achieve more. We create synergy not only with our employees but also with our clients. We only build and optimize our product by listening to our clients 

We Value Real-Time Conversations
We believe that real-time conversations build relationships and that relationships build companies and that companies create great stories.

Our story continues …

Where are we Located?


Poortland 66
1046 BD Amsterdam