The Conversational Marketing Masterclass

Master the art of creating engaging conversational marketing experiences combining website chatbots and live (video) chat.

Conversational marketing is a hot topic because it’s a great way to collect, qualify and convert your website leads.

According to Gartner research, conversational marketing is at the top of the digital marketing hype cycle. Although it’s getting more and more adopted, conversational marketing is at its infancy in terms of what it will be in the coming years. At WeConnect.Chat we have done thorough research on the subject and truly believe that scaling your real-time interactions with website chatbots and live chat agents will help you be more effective in your marketing and sales efforts.

It will create better relationships and help you tell your story in a more effective way. It is one of the best channels in terms of engagement and will often result in more conversions.

Through our research we’ve learned that at the moment most companies don’t reach their goals with their chatbots and live chat agents.

  • They don’t do the research that’s necessary for the success of conversational marketing.
  • They use copywriting skills in a way that’s bot-centric and awkward, rather than human-centric and inspiring.
  • They don’t build conversation flows that work and inspire their audience.
  • They don’t integrate their chatbot with a live chat experience.
  • They don’t have the commitment to analyze the results of their conversational experiences and therefore miss out on optimizing the performance in order to reach their goals.

Creating a good conversational marketing experience isn’t rocket science but it takes time and hard work to make sure it’s effective and driving results. Fortunately, there are proven formula’s you can leverage, as well as lessons you can draw from other digital marketing disciplines such as copywriting, growth hacking and marketing automation.

However, at the end of the day, there is no substitute for doing the work needed to make your conversational marketing interfaces a powerful marketing and sales asset.

In the masterclass we’ll show you how to do conversational marketing effectively, tapping into existing best practices and deploying them in a way that delivers results. Most companies use conversational marketing (chatbots and live chat) to collect leads, make appointments, handle customer service requests, or collect feedback.

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