Lesson 5

Sales Strategies

The Conversational Marketing Masterclass

In the previous chapter we looked at how you can collect more leads using a rule-based website chatbot. Combining a effective chatbot with live chat (video or messaging) will make you more effective in your sales process. In todays society where consumers expect real time responds it’s more than ever important to have a streamlined and efficient responds to your customers requests.

What we will cover in Lesson 5

Why are most companies not effective in selling through there website chat(bot)?

  • They dont have an effective salesprocess that combines chatbot and live chat.
  • They are using live chat for customer service only.
  • They are not using the possibilities of video chat.  
  • They are not scaling live chat requests when possible.

Why we believe you should sell using chatbots and live chat?.

Most companies don’t effectively use the oppertunity to switch real-time from chatbot to live(human)chat 

Website users want on-demand responses to requests. 

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Lead responds time_qualified

Unique opportunity to have synergy between real-time from chatbot to live(human)chat 

Live human chat

Scaling demo requests opportunities

Scale incoming requests live (video) demo from users on your chatbot.
Laravel Real-Time Notifications - Christoph Rumpel

Utilize your inside sales staff. 

When you combine chatbots and live chat effectively, you can be proactive with your chatbot while your inside sales team is reactive. It’s easier to expect from a bot to be proactive than your inside sales employees. So why not take this to your advantage? 

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The 4 step sales process for website chatbots

Connect – Qualify – Engage – Convert

Step 1: Connect

The sales process starts by connecting to your audience.

Ways to connect with your audience:

  • Strong welcome message
  • Strong opening message
  • Use Gifs
  • Use Emoji’s

Detailed tips on connecting with your audience you will find using a chatbot you will find in Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.

Step 2: Qualify

The second step in our sales process is to qualify your chatbot user so that you know what the next steps should be.
Through rule-based questions differentiate your users:

  • Why did you visit our website?
  • What company do you represent?
  • What is your role?
  • How do you want to use our product?

After your chatbot has qualified your user it’s now time to move over to one or more CTA:

  • Book a demo
  • Live human interaction
  • Live video demo with human

Step 3: Engage

This is step is often overlooked in the sales process with chatbots. Often the chatbots collect the lead and then stops. It’s important that you keeping engaging your user. 

1) Users continues engaging with the bot

After you’ve collected the information you can get an even better understanding of your user. The results from interacting with the bot can be put into the 

2) Users requests a human chat

In this process you inside sales team receives a notifcation that a user requests a live demo. Once the sales member accepts the request he will start the video or messaging chat.

Step 4: Convert / Sell

In this last of the process you convert.

Convert during video conversation

Convert during live chat conversation

Convert through chatbot using product feeds.

Sales use case integrating chatbot with live (human) chat

Giving a live video demo of your online platform

In the below example you will see how use the chatbot to:

1) Connect and 2) Qualify

3) Engage (live chat)

In the below example you will see how we move to live chat.

Scale your chat by notifing other users that a live demo is starting.

4) Convert 

In the below example you will see how we move to live chat.